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Call Me Ozz Live 7-18-18: How big is the NM State Fair Karaoke Showcase?

by Ozz on 07/23/18


                *It’s big! Third largest in the US. The largest in NM.

                *13 venues-2 minors-13 auditions total plus 5 preliminaries

                *Can’t even imagine all the staff for that

                *Up to 311 songs sung in the auditions (Up to 311 contestants, usually about 250)

                *Up to 9 different KJs

                *Up to 12 different judges

                *Two coaches with each having an assistant-Milli, Angie, Trent, Tom

                *Video Clipper-Charles, Kenny, Trent

                *Video-ographer-Double L Media-Larry

                *Photographer/Stage Man-Michael

                *In the parade-two floats with live karaoke-Michelle and Dave

                *Executive Assistant and Lead Judge: Jeanette

                *CMO Admin: Brandon to process all your requests

                *Fill in: Kenny Johnson and Jessie


                *20 special guests

                *96 adults to sing at the Fair showcase nights

                *12 minors to sing at the Minors

                *Cake professionals to bake and serve two sheet cakes

                *174 bandannas

                *6 trophies

                *36 medals

                *2 crowns

                *108 certificates

                *495 gate passes

                *24 hours of stage time

                *NMSF Stage Manager

                *NMSF Lighting Director

                *NMSF Sound Engineer

                *$14,000-$23,000-Estimated $100,000 in sales generated

                *1,625 estimated spectators at venues

                *7,500 estimated spectators at the Fair

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