Call Me Ozz-Monthly Karaoke Newsletter
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Call Me Ozz-Monthly Karaoke Newsletter

CALL ME OZZ and KARAFUN team up to keep you legal!

by Ozz on 07/07/18

*Karafun affiliate

                *Support CMO by subscribing from the link on the website

                *2 day party pass $5.99

                *Personal unlimited use $9.99 per month

                *Professional version 7 days pass $49.00

                *Professional version subscription $129.00 per month per room

                *New! Complete 29,000 offline sync

7-3 Funny Story!

by Ozz on 07/07/18

*Funny story:

*In El Paso a couple of weeks ago, I was releasing my accounts.

*One client, very promenade; big wig--huge concrete and asphalt company.

*The client always gives me crap about my long hair.

*I told him to call my hairdresser and tell her to cut it short.

*We got her on the phone-she told him too bad!

On with the other news:

Bad service at venues

I learned not to publicly announce it, as it's business between the venue and their customers.  Sidelines was an example.

I always remember a slogan from a seafood company: If you like us, tell others, if you don’t, tell us.

My rule of thumb is let the manager know, if the manager doesn’t fix it, then maybe be more public.

Venues-you should watch your staff.  I would say most of the venues have mediocre service which hurts your sales and your repeat customers. Sometimes I have to chase down a server to get food or a drink.

Corporate chains are killing small local businesses.  They realize this, and they spend a lot of time and money training new people

If you like us, tell others. If you don't tell us.

by Ozz on 07/07/18

*Bad service at venues

*I learned not to publicly announce it/Sidelines example

*I always remember a slogan from a seafood company: If you like us, tell others, if you don’t tell us

*My rule of thumb is let the manager know, if the manager doesn’t fix it, then maybe public

*Venues-you should watch your staff-I would say most of the venues have mediocre service which hurts your sales and your repeat customers. Sometimes I must chase down a server to get food or a drink.

*Corporate is killing small local businesses because they realize this, and they spend a lot of time and money training


by Ozz on 06/28/18

                *I hear a lot of venue managers and owner complain about the lack of sales of drinks or food when they provide entertainment, comedy, live music or karaoke

                *Then they blame the KJ, Band or Comedians.

                *The more I thought about this I had to really think about this in the terms of a salesperson

                *Are they your entertainers to keep people there? Or do you think they are your salespeople?

                *Your staff is your sales people

                *Sure the can mention specials and encourage to spend money, but ultimately it is your staff

                *Are they providing proper service? Some venues I must chase down the server

                *Are the suggestive selling?

                *As the manager or the owner, do you observe your staff?

                *If someone is enjoying the entertainment without purchase, you have the right to refuse any service to them

                *I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how to help venues increase revenue while entertainment is there.



by Ozz on 06/28/18

                *Difference between live music & karaoke

                *Live bands cost more than a night of karaoke

                *Think about that in terms of reality

                *5, 6, 7, 8 hundred for a band for the night, brings a full house-however, if that same bands plays every week, the attendance drops

                *Karaoke is the opposite. 50, 100, 150, 200 a night. Starts with a few and builds over time.

                *The right KJ, in the right venue will build to a steady busy karaoke night every week

                *Do you agree or disagree? And why?


by Ozz on 06/28/18

               *One of our Albuquerque KJs was attacked by the Sound Choice police

                *They asked me what they should do

                *I am not a lawyer

                *After research found they have lost lawsuits when you stand up to them

                *They only own the rights to 25 songs

                *They try to suit for CW infringement, making people think SC is the KJ company

                *Lost law suits

                *If you can afford it fight them

                *If not, drop SC and use only Karafun professional version

                *You can get hooked up with Karafun on the Call Me Ozz website

                *What are your thoughts?

6/20/18-Giving it all up for Call Me Ozz

by Ozz on 06/21/18

*New admin-Alyssa Gates is back

                *Need a salesperson-Vehicle, Phone, Computer, Internet, Printer, MS Office, B2B experience

                *Today I am in El Paso training the sales rep to take over my southern territory.

                *The main reason I retired in 2016 was because my chemical company offered me the southern territory.

                *I actually started it in April of 2016.

                *It became overwhelming and had to choose one or the other.

                *Because of finances, CMO was not making enough money, so I did what I had to do.

                *I never started CMO to ever become this…it just did.

                *After being gone for a year, and seeing what I saw, and being asked to come back by the NMSF, Venues, KJs and fellow singers I chose to give up that southern territory which was half of my sales.

                *I noticed the karaoke community scattered and fell apart. This karaoke family has become my passion, and now that we are bringing in more comedy, theater and live music, it’s now more the CMO community.

                *In three weeks I will be giving up Farmington and the rest by the end of the year, and then CMO will be 100% of my livelihood.

                *We are local promotion company here for local entertainers, and local venues to help local people find things to do.

                *You can help us grow by visiting the site everyday and seeing what’s new, or post in the chat room, or comment on the forums.

                *Or help our search engines by googling “karaoke in Albuquerque”, then clicking on CMO.

                *Also by attending as many of the CMO events as possible. 

I thank you for supporting CMO, and look forward to many more years with you. How can you help?       

6/13/18-Our Karaoke Community

by Ozz on 06/14/18

*The karaoke community

                *Is a bunch of pockets of singers of each venue

                *All together make up one big community

                *CMO prides itself on creating new singers, and helping people who are new to Abq find a place to sing, or newly single people find a place to sing

                *Not to move singers from one venue to the next

                *You will lose singers by change of circumstances: Get married, get a BF or GF, start school, New job, move away, in the last 18 years I have seen so many singers come and go.

                *Don’t get comfortable and stop promoting just because you are always busy. It takes time to get new singers, therefore you should be promoting the most when you are the busiest.

                *Waiting until you get slow is too late.

                *CMO has affordable advertising packages, and promotion packages to make sure you always have new singers coming in your doors.

                *KJs that promote CMO get discounted rates and free listings in the KJ Showcase, and the courtesy listings.

                *Beginning July 15th, CMO will only list venues that support CMO. Courtesy listing is available at .57 cents per week per night, until July 15th, then the rate will go to $1.15 per week.

What are your thoughts?

6/6/18-CMO Partnering with NMDC

by Ozz on 06/06/18

*Every year we partner with a community organization to help them get their message out.

                *In 2016 we partnered with Yellow Ribbon, for suicide awareness among teens.

* (NMDC Logo)This year, because of the heinous abuse against children, we wanted to find an organization

                that Is helping children in crises. Little do most people know that there are 5,000 homeless

                children in NM.

                *There are no beds for those children, and because they are underage they cannot receive

                Any services like food stamps, or even check into a homeless shelter without their parents.

                *Many of these children get kicked out of their homes, or most of them are running away from

                Abusive parents.

                *Because there are no services for them, most of them end up meeting a guy, who “helps” them

                And become wrapped up in child prostitution. And even the ones that don’t have a pimp, trade

                Sex for services.

                *We wanted to find a non-profit, non-government agency that is doing something to help these

                Children find hope and help.

                *With the help of Gaenor Thompson, one of our judges since day one, and her show,

                “Enchanting Points of View”, we came across New Mexico Dream Center, and ironically

                Enough, the Director, Shelley Repp was my oldest children youth pastor at Eastgate Church!

                *What a small world!

                *They will have a representative at each of the auditions to answer questions, and show you

                How you can help. Except at Lucky 66 Bowl on Friday, June 1st because they have been blessed

                By a building to set up a drop in center.

                *A drop in center is where homeless children can go check in for the night and be safe. They

                Can shower, get fresh clothes, get some food, get some rest, and get some love and hope.

                *The City of Abq helped with the building, now they people that can help with remolding of it.

                They need furniture, furnishings, towels, shampoo, soap, money, stuff like that.

                *I’m going to play the video of their website, to show you more about them.

* If you would like to help, visit their website at or talk to their rep at the auditions.

Closing-Is your karaoke legal-How I choose my topics:

by Ozz on 05/29/18


On last week’s show, I spoke about illegal karaoke. There was one error that I made concerning Karafun. I said if you’re using the $5.99 subscription it was illegal for public use, which it is, what I meant to say was: $5.99 for the two day party pass and the $10 per month subscription are only for personal use, not public use. You must use the $129 per month, per venue, professional subscription to be legal with Karafun.  (You must purchase a subscription for each venue)


The way I choose my topics is very simple. In a week’s time, I have hundreds of conversations with fellow singers, KJs, venue owners and bar managers. My topics are what they are talking about. This subject has been brought up a lot lately, especially by the owners of establishments because they get the calls from ASCAP, BMI, You Tube and Karafun. It’s them that pay the price. So they wanted to know the facts.


I did not choose this topic to target any one KJ or venue; it’s the community as a whole. CMO chooses not support venues that don’t follow copy write laws because we too could be held liable in this sue happy country. Also, if we promote a venue or KJ that is broadcasting karaoke illegally and they get popped, it will come back on CMO, ….trust me it will. 


I have nothing against Karafun, in fact, I think the professional version is an awesome way to go as the professional version has mastered tracks with rights from the artists to legally broadcast them commercially. As long as you have reliable internet, you can put on a very awesome karaoke show and control your operating costs. As much as I’d love karaoke to be free, it’s just not realistic as long as venues have to pay utilities, rent, taxes, fees, and all kinds of other overhead. The only free karaoke is to stay home and do it, unless we lived in a socialist society which I’m glad we don’t. And BTW I will point out that Karaoke Joe has informed me that he is using the professional version of Karafun at Red Velvet Underground, which I am most glad because I love singing there.

Is your karaoke legal? Live Feed 5/16/18

by Ozz on 05/29/18


 Karafun-Not actual originals

                                Extended Catalog must obtain permission from the original artist, ascap, bmi, sesac etc

                                One subscription per room (Venue)

                                Can only DL 1,000 songs for a playlist

                                Otherwise must have solid internet

                                Three subscriptions: $10 Per month-Personal/$5.99 two day party pass/$129.99 Professional per month per venue


                You Tube-Absolutely not allowed broadcasting commercially

                                T&C Section 4d: You must obtain YT permission in order to broadcast their logo, TM,

                                                Name or ads contained within.

                                T&C Section 5b: You shall not broadcast without YT & the video owners consent.


                ASCAP-Responsibility of the venue owner to cover all copy written music including TV (Because

                                                A CW song may appear on the TV). The KJ, DJ, Bands, Etc do not have to have

                                                ASCAP coverage, as you are a contractor under the umbrella of the venue.


                BMI & SESCA are the same as ASCAP, they cover different artists, so a venue must have all three.


                SOUND CHOICE: After suing many of their customers for many years and millions of dollars after

                                They went out of business; they finally began losing lawsuits for copy write infringement

                                So they then resorted to suing KJs on the grounds of Trademark infringement because

                                They claimed their logo at the end of a song brought confusion to the public that they

                                Were the KJ Company, they finally lost a suit in Florida, and so far has caused them to

                                Cease and desist.


                CMO can only support venues that are legal. Venues that do not legally run karaoke cannot be

                Listed on CMO.

What do you think about this?

by Ozz on 05/28/15

Venues that cancel or delay karaoke without notice to the KJ or the customer (please do not name any venue), do you continue to go to the venues only to support the kj? What are your thoughts?

Open discussion on the NMSF Karaoke Comeptions

by Ozz on 04/14/15

It has started! The qualification competitions for a spot at the NM State Fair are going on! We want your input and experiences of the competition nights!


by Ozz on 06/30/14

The NM State Fair Karaoke Competition Pre-Qualifying began at Lucky 66 Bowl on Saturday, June 28th. It will get real heavy in August...what are your thoughts?

Your thoughts on karaoke being delayed or cancelled

by Ozz on 05/30/14

Post your thoughts about venues who delay or cancel karaoke for another event. IE: Private parties, sports, etc.

Your thoughts on piracy

by Ozz on 05/30/14

Post your comments concerning piracy here


by Ozz on 02/28/14

This has been a difficult decision to make.On one hand they are Albuquerque Nite Life. On the other hand they are not a locally owned and operated small business. According to small local businesses such as bowling centers, restaurants and venues, they are responsible for sucking the life out of most of them. They also will not advertise on Call Me Ozz because we are "too small". Should they be removed from the karaoke listings and the bowling section?


by Ozz on 02/28/14

What's on your mind? This is an open forum:

How do you feel about Call Me Ozz expanding into other entertainment?

by Ozz on 01/27/14

Call Me Ozz started as Thee Karaoke Go To Site. It is now into 14 other genres of entertainment. Is this a good thing, or a bad thing? Your opinion please: 

How do you feel about Venues that come and go with karaoke?

by Ozz on 12/27/13

Here lately there has been a lot of venues like Fox n Hound, Ned's and Isleta Casino that have brought karaoke in for a while, then cut it. Then bring it back again, then cut. I see this as a bad thing for the community and for the venues that keep it going through thick and thin. Just like anything, in a years time karaoke has it's ups and downs, and it really sucks to everyone else when venue only does it at the peak. Should those venues be boycotted? 

​Unfortunately sometimes we have to say goodbye to our great singers, friends and family. 

In 2017, Dale Phelps passed away and was a well-known karaoke singer in our community.  Please see his page this month to commemorate his memory

 Call Me Ozz has a page dedicated to those who have left us. Visit the Rest In Peace memorial page if you know someone who should be there or if you'd like to leave a comment in one of their guestbooks. 
Newsletter And Reviews-To Be Updated: 06/01/18

News and Reviews for Call Me Ozz-Your trusted name for your addiction!
CallMeOzz expanded to feature North, South, East, and West.
We are now opening up pages for Open Mic Nights, as well as Brew Houses on the main homepage very soon.  As our admin builds the pages, we are excited to promote this epic event happening on June 1st, @Lucky 66 Bowl for their qualification night.  Once we receive the results, we will have the elimination brackets updated right away.  To see the winning contestants of the preliminary season, see the link below:

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CallMeOzz Expansions!
This year for 2018, only 2 participating venues are hosting auditions for minors to sing at the New Mexico State Fair.  Minors (Under the age of 21) have their own separate showcase hosted the day after the finale for the adult showcase.  Elk's Lodge in Rio Rancho is hosting the first minors audition on June 10th.  18 will audition, and 6 will qualify.  Then, on June 24th, Kilt Check Brewing Co. In Albuquerque is taking 18 minors and will qualify 6 to the state fair!

Share with your friends to register for either of the participating venues with the link below:

"Call Me Ozz is the best place in town for customer service. We were very happy with the results."
Be sure and drop by the Members Corners and say hi (Sign into their guestbook) to our newest members since our last update:

I get asked all the time, "where is your favorite place to go". I can't pick just one. I like them all.....well almost. Some places I like because of the KJ, Crowd, or the Sound, or the here are my favorite eight places from last month:

Ozz will update this for the next newsletter.


This section will feature the new videos CallMeOzz has uploaded!  Stay tuned to see the videos we have in the making.

5 videos will be coming out by June 8th
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This month I would like to thank the KJ's that are participating in the N.M. STATE FAIR KARAOKE CONTEST. Without them this would not happen! Please support them! Thank You!
June 1st Sponsors:
Archetype Tattoo
Leos Nite Club
The Library Downtown
Zullo's Bistro
Mariscos Altamar
Red Velvet Underground
Sandbar & Grill

June NMSFKS Sponsors:

Lucky 66 Bowl
Elks Lodge
Zullo's Bistro
Kilt Check Brewing
& Sidelines Sportsbar

Chris (Puddlez) hosts at Lucky 66, and KJ Behne joined DraZtik Entertainment!
​To See the list of the 10 singers moving on to the State Fair, check back on this page by June 5th for the results!
1.Upcoming NMSF Competition: June 1st, 2018-Lucky 66 Bowl-Qualification Night  See the first ten to the NM State Fair

2. Upcoming Sponsored Sing N Win: June 5th, 2018-The Library Bar, Downtown with 3 tier prizes.  Sing, and have your name drawn for a chance to win

3.Upcoming NMSF Competition: June 10th, 2018-Elk's Lodge-Rio Rancho Open Minors Audition 6/18 qualify

4.Upcoming NMSF Competition: June 14th, 2018-Zullo's Bistro Open Adults Audition 9/20 qualify

5.Upcoming NMSF Competition: June 24th, 2018-Kilt Check Brewing Co.-Albuquerque Open Minors Audition 6/18 qualify

6. Upcoming NMSF Competition: June 26th, 2018-Sidelines Sportsbar-Albuquerque Open Adults Audition 9/20 qualify

7. Upcoming NMSF Competition: July 6th, 2018-Billiard Palace-Albuquerque Open Adults Audition 9/20 qualify

A special thank to LUCKY 66 BOWL for the epic kick off the 2018 N.M. STATE FAIR COMPETITION!


The Call Me Ozz Newsletter is finalized on the 1st of every month prior to publication. Changes after the 25th of the month will not be posted until the following month. As of the 1st, this is the way it was. For the most up to date information, check the FIND A PLACE TO SING TONIGHT PAGE, the KJ SHOWCASE and the VENUE PROFILE PAGE.
We are setting up the new website under Call Me Ozz, the Event Planner. This is a project we dreamed about after the NM State Fair last year. After realizing how many connections to the entertainment industry Call Me Ozz has, we see it as quite fitting to help you with your event, whether it’s for 10 or 10,000. A birthday, company party, competition, celebration of life, matanza, or whatever, we have everything you need. This site will list many entertainers, venues and caterers so you can do it all yourself, or let us do it for you……coming very, very soon.
This year for the 2018 New Mexico State Fair, we will be promoting participating venues hosting karaoke auditions bringing contestants to the fair!
10 Adults out of 20 will qualify @Dewars Pub inside Lucky 66 Bowl on June 1st, 2018.  We have an amazing line of singers ready to perform, and Ozz is personally so eager to see who moves on, and who rolls over.  Miss New Mexico is making an appearance!!

It's a great night to come out to hear people sing, and Elimination Brackets will be posted the following week after the audition night.

First TEN to the 2018 NMSF!
Here is a list of pages we are featuring this month:

Brew Houses(Coming Soon)

Open Mic Night(Coming Soon)

Live Music Tonight-Updated weekly

No More Laffs-Updated weekly

Abq on Stage-Updated Weekly

Where is Ozz Tonight-Updated throughout the week