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KJ AsTray
VJ El Jay
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KJ Behne
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KJ DreeZal
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Kammo's Karaoke and DJ Services

We can be found at: First  Turn Lounge at the downs of Albuquerque on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, The SOCH on Thursdays, and Fiesta's Cantina on Saturday nights.

ABOUT US: Our company and 2 Kjs were voted best karaoke in Albuquerque in the first quarter of the call me ozz karaoke poll, It dosent get any better than us! UPDATE: Voted Best Karaoke Company of 2012 by Call Me Ozz Thee authority in the Albuquerque Karaoke Community.

WEBSITE: Kammo Karaoke

AWARDS: Best karaoke company first quarter, as well as one of our KJs got best KJ, Kammo got best KJ second quarter

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DJ DraZtik: Owner of DraZtik Entertainment

We can be found at: Tuesday night at Sidewinders , Wednesday night at Isleta casino, Thursday at Zullos Bistro, Thursday at Twist night club, Fridays at Fiestas , and Saturday Cities of gold casino. We are available for private parties!

About Draztik: People know me as DJ Draztik. My goal is to rock your socks every chance I get! I've been a DJ for over 10 years and opened my DJ business 5 years ago. 

I am also available for private parties-- visit me at draztikentertainment.com.

About DJ Bay-Nee: I am a retired veteran who has been a musician for the past 40 years I became a DJ 7 years ago and love what I do.  

About Phyne: Hello there, Although I am new to the KJ/DJ game, I guarantee you will have a great time with me. I have been a musician for many years and I have such passion for music. You can find me at Cities of Gold Casino inside the Golden Cantina every Saturday night. The golden Cantina is proud to have invented a drink just for us karaoke junkies(and It's also purple which make it even better) called "Karaoke Courage". We dare you to come out and have a blast with us!!

DJ Ash is our newest bundle of joy keep an eye out for her coming to a venue near you!

Awards: Best KJ 2011 Third quarter 
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Kamikaze Karaoke / DJ McLain

I can be found at Tractor Brewery Wells Park every Tuesday!  I can be found at Tractor Brewery Westside and Desert Valley Brewing Co. on Thursdays! 
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Allen Estrada

Hey there I can be found at Marisco's Altamar(Family Friendly) on Thursdays, and Leo's bar on Mondays and Wednesdays.

About me: I am an enthusiastic fun outgoing DJ with a large range in music for any kind of venue from weddings to birthday parties.
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DJ Draztik
Kan U Karaoke

You can find us at Sidelines on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and Effingbar on Thursday nights.

About us: Hey my name is Amos. I'm the owner of Kan U Karaoke. I'm outgoing and real friendly, I work hard and 
love MMA UFC fighting.  Country Joe works under me in Kan-U-Karaoke
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Famous Amos - Owner
Country Joe
DJ Bay-Nee


DJ Phyne
KJ Danielsan

Rowdy howdy! I can be at Hub City Brewery(Belen) on Thursday nights, & The Camino Real Taproom every Wednesday & Saturday from 7 to close. Camino Real is family friendly so bring the kiddos! Everyone can sing!

About me: I've been a KJ/DJ since 2011. I am very outgoing and I include comedy and various raffles and contests into all my shows. Cmon down to Los Lunas on Saturday nights and you won't be disappointed!

Find me on Facebook at DJ Danielsan Karaoke

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KJ Ash
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