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At Call Me Ozz...you the singers are the star!!!!
When Ozz goes out to sing and meet new singers he is usually armed with his digital camera....don't be shy, ask him to take your pic and add you to the Wall of Fame!
Singers Wall of Fame
Brother Rick at Slate Street
Jacob and Hailey at Desert Greens
Anntoinette at Desert Greens
DJ at Fiesta's
A Tuesday night at Barley Room
Amy at Holywood Casino
Julie G at Hollywood Casino
Joni at Hollywood Casio
Kankl Kicks at Spectators
Joni at Elliotts
at Effingbar
Albert at Desert Greens
Telles and Becca at Spectators
Delfino at Fiesta's
Lina at Desert Greens
Treena at Geckos
Chance at Geckos
A Night at Post 99
Parick and Maria at Slate Street
Dave at Hollywood Casino
"Ozz" by Julius
Laticia at Hard Rock
Michael at Hollywood Casino
Evolution-People's Choice Awards Night
Andres at Desert Greens
Mason at Desert Green
Walter at Hollywood Casino
Wade at Fiesta's
Kami at Barley Room
Laura Marie at Evolution
Liz at Fiesta's
Jason at Fiesta's
MCM on a Thursday Night
JoeNestor at Desert Greens
Zack at Fiestas
Kara-her birthday at Fiestas
Bekah Jane at Fiestas
Sosa at Fiestas
Gary at Evolution
Caveman at Fiesta's
Shannon at Fiesta's
Kathy at Hard Rock Casino
Judy at Hard Rock Casino
A Friday night at Fiesta's
Susanne at Desert Greens
Ty at Fiesta's
Richard at Hollywood Casino
Rob at Fiesta's
Amber at Fiesta's
William at Fiesta's
Dave at Desert Greens
Lauren at Evolution
DJ Speed singing his last song in Albuquerque at Maloney's on 5-30-12
Skip at Elliotts
Jennifer at Elliotts
Wednesday Night at Elliotts
Mike at Hollywood Casino
April at Graham
Suzz at Fiesta's
Curtis at Graham
Brian at Graham
John at Leo's
Lori at Desert Greens
Friday Night at Desert Greens
Mare at Fiesta's
Liz and Gabriella at Slate Street
Frankie J at Effingbar
Cathy at Desert Greens
Red at Desert Greens Country Club
Jane at Effingbar
Sandi at Evolution
Allen and at ClaudetteSlate Street
Monday night at Sandia Casino
Susanne at Fiesta's
Ann-Elisabeth at Blackbird
Bunny at Hollywood Casino
Cindy at Hollywood Casino
Linda at Hollywood Casino
Crystal at Hollywood Casino
Walker and Gabe at Maloney's

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