Referral Agreement
Entertainer Referral Agreement
Call Me Ozz Dot Net LLC (Hereafter referred to as CMO) enjoys sharing its affiliates needs with the abilities of various performers and entertainers for the benefit of the community as a whole. CMO relies on income from advertising, event management, event promotions and network of associates.
Each time CMO offers a performer or entertainer a gig, the performer or entertainer must agree to the following terms and conditions.
This agreement between CMO

 and:                                                                                                            (hereafter referred to as “Contractor”), is entered upon this day/date of:
Contractor Contact Information:

The Contractor agrees to the following terms and conditions:

    (1) The Contractor acknowledges that they are not an employee of CMO.
    (2) The Contractor is responsible for all local, state and federal taxes.
    (3) The Contractor shall negotiate all final fees with the said venue or event.
    (4) CMO is not responsible for any physical, mental or equipment damages, and is the     responsibility of the Contractor to provide liability insurance.
    (5) CMO is not responsible for any copy write infringement incurred by the Contractor. 
    (6) The Contractor shall contact the potential employer within three days of receiving the contact     information. Should the Contractor fail to do so, CMO shall offer the position to another     Contractor.
    (7) The Contractor agrees to complete Non-Disclosure. The Contractor shall not inform ANYONE     that this lead was received by CMO, except for the venue, or the event manager.
    (8) The Contractor agrees to pay CMO $50 one time only referral fee upon acceptance of the gig     by the Venue or Event Manager. 
    (9) The Contractor understands, any violation of these Terms and Conditions shall constitute     breach of contract and the penalties shall at minimum be removal from the referral program of     CMO, and may be as severe as civil violation of intellectual property violations. 

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions set forth above. Once this form is received, we will contact you with the details of the referral we have in mind for you. 
We look forward to working with you soon!
Referral Agreement
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