Mary JWednesday, 1/28/15, 5:27 PM

Through the years, there was not anything like your website. It makes it easy to find karaoke places and on what nights and times. My dearest friend James Hollie told me about your website. It's great! So now when I come in from out of state I look it up! Thanks.

What do you think about this website?  Awesome

Doug RietzFriday, 12/26/14, 9:14 PM

Having one site to hit for all sorts of entertainment is invaluable. It saves me a lot of time and the reviews and other information around Karaoke is my favorite. I've told you this before Ozz.....thank you again for providing us with this wonderful resource.

What do you think about this website? It is Excellent

Chris DominguezSaturday, 9/6/14, 12:12 PM

I appreciate you offering the opportunity for many of us who love to sing and have fun! You certainly offer that to us and I just want to share my gratitude for you guys and the entertainment you provide for us, thank you! Keep up the great work!

What do you think about this website? Great work!

David M.Saturday, 6/21/14, 5:51 PM

Finally found a website that will help me find my place to sing karaoke. I don't know if I love it as much as Ozz does, but It's pretty close.

What do you think about this website? Very informative

​SaraTuesday, 5/13/14, 9:55 PM

Even though I'm not a karaoke Junkie in ABQ anymore, I still love coming to this page and see everything going on! Much love to all the singers in the 505!

What do you think about this website? LOVE!!!!!

DonnaTuesday, 4/29/14, 4:16 PM

I was looking around to find out which places had karaoke on Saturday night. I am very glad to say that it was so easy to find on this page! Thank you so much. We are sure to go to one of the places listed.

Mike MirabalSaturday, 3/22/14, 4:46 PM

I was looking for a place to sing on Saturday. I am going to try 66 Lucky Bowl.
What do you think about this website? Like
​Big WillThursday, 3/13/14, 11:12 AM

I love reading the reviews.  Your website gets better and better!
What do you think about this website? pretty awesome

Disconanny 12/6/13Saturday, 2/15/14, 3:50 PM

Spent an amazing evening at Dad's diner in Moriarty. The evening started out in the Ozz Van singing our hearts out.. Then dinner and karaoke at the diner. The food is fantastic and wait staff friendly.. Had about 11 singers and some were really good. Would encourage everyone to give it a try.. The drive is well worth it...

Milli 6/9/12Saturday, 2/15/14, 3:47 PM

Love, Love , Love the are awesome OZZ!

GinaWednesday, 2/12/14, 4:51 PM

You are doing an outstanding job!
What do you think about this website? Looks Great!

SabineSaturday, 10/19/13, 4:42 PM

Love that I can find Karaoke any day of the week and see a review of it.. It'll save me time and
What do you think about this website? I dig in..very informative :)

Jennifer LooperFriday, 10/11/13, 3:54 PM

I am a huge fan of callmeozz! You are doing a great job keep it up!
What do you think about this website? Love it!

Felipe RoybalSaturday, 6/22/13, 12:52 AM

Great website like the job you do. Keep up the good work.
What do you think about this website? it Rock's

Guy Christopher-DeLyneMonday, 5/13/13, 7:00 PM

Mammy's Little Baby Loves Oz Karaoke.
What do you think about this website? Just what the Doctor orderd.

Jason PazSaturday, 5/4/13, 4:52 PM

Love this website, always great places for karaoke and not to mention great people and amazing singers!
What do you think about this website? Its my go to page for karaoke!!!

Robert ReinhartSaturday, 5/4/13, 12:05 PM

What do you think about this website? I love it . It really gives me insite of all Karaoke places to go n have Lots of fun. Thank you The OZZ man

Glorioke KaraokeTuesday, 2/19/13, 10:17 PM

Just starting to look at all the cool things on your site...Glorioke from the land of Green And Gold,,,Green Bay WI
What do you think about this website? awesome

Bobby TFriday, 2/8/13, 8:12 PM

Hey Bro...was good to meet you at Graham's. I'll be back on the 20th bro.
What do you think about this website? Hip


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I have known Billy "Ozz" Beare since 2010, and became friends with him
through our interaction at various karaoke venues. It was here that the
idea to have a comprehensive entertainment website was conceived. At first,
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Now, in addition to finding a given venue for any particular evening, you
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I loved to sing Karaoke. I moved to Albuquerque NM in 2011 from California. Karaoke in my area was very scarce. Upon moving here I found a few places to sing but wasn’t crazy about any of them for one reason or another. Then I happened upon Ed’s Pub and felt right at home because of the KJ, Liz and the Bartender, Kevin! When Ed’s changed ownership and let Liz and Kevin go; there was no other places I thought I wanted to sing at! Until I heard about a web site called “”. It was everything Karaoke. I was totally impressed, there was a long list of venues, and reviews, days and times of Karaoke, etc. Not only did the site help me to find another place I could be comfortable and sing…It provided me with tons of options throughout the entire city. So now no matter what day of the week it may be, I can always go to “” and find a great place to sing! Now it’s expanded to whatever type of night life you are into….Fantastic!

~Milli Wilson
To whom it may concern:

Billy Aka Call me Ozz has done so much in the last year working around the state of New Mexico & surrounding communities in the Karaoke scene. Advertising as much as possible weekly helping other Dj's / Kj's all
Over. The New Mexico State Fair competition was a huge success & I hope CMO continues it as an Annual event for the State Fair. I DJ at 2 different venues on a weekly basis & CMO will visit my night at my venues once a month, I think that shows a lot of support especially knowing that he's not from Santa Fe & he also visits other Dj's here in town at their shows... Please support CMO cause I give my full 100% to CMO!!! 

Manny Godsey
DJ 3-D 


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