What IS CallMeOzz?  Who is Ozz?  What is this website??
If these are some of the questions you've been wondering, you've come to the right page!
Newcomers Corner!
CallMeOzz began in 2010 to inform the public of The Barley Room Karaoke Competition.

In 2011, due to high demand, CallMeOzz stayed consistent in it's pursuit for advancement, and expanded to inform the public where to find Karaoke in Albuquerque.

In 2012, CallMeOzz continued to gain supporters and followers... and began to expand into Comedy, Live Music, and Live Theater.

In 2013 CallMeOzz added Bowling, Cinema, Dining Out, Fine Arts, Live Sports, Major Concerts, Billiards, Darts, Foosball, Under 21/Over 18, Under 18/Family, Dance Halls and Seasonal Happenings to the website.
Then, explored the idea of the NM State Fair Karaoke Competitions.
In 2014 CallMeOzz managed and hosted the largest Karaoke Competition the state of New Mexico had ever seen; the 2014 New Mexico State Fair Karaoke Competitions.

Involving 9 venues, 12 judges, 238 total contestants, and at the NM State Fair; 96 Elimination Contestants. This event drew over 7,000 spectators over the competition and generated an estimated $100,000 in revenues between the qualification nights and the elimination nights at the NM State Fair. 

In 2015, and 2016, CallMeOzz once again broke records in the second annual NM State Fair Karaoke Competitions.
In 2016 Ozz retired, but by 2017, with popular demand, and a request from the NMSF to return—CallMeOzz has risen with a plan to emerge into the public once again with full-effect. CallMeOzz intends to bring more people in the community together whether in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Belen, Taos, and the rest of New Mexico!

In 2018 CallMeOzz is expecting triple growth by the end of the year. CallMeOzz has already earned the 2018 NM State Fair Karaoke Competition contract and is already putting the biggest competition the United States has ever seen into play.
CallMeOzz continues to become a household name to the local people looking for something to do, as well as provide out of state visitors with local information while they are visiting in New Mexico.
Functions within CallMeOzz
CallMeOzz is a unique website with how it functions.
Due to early development, it may feel unfamiliar to other websites you find.
This section is dedicated to giving you a better understanding of how the website works.
1.) What are the popular pages?  How do they work?
CallMeOzz is responsible for updating information on events, 
and places that hold events, on the various pages we offer.

CallMeOzz CURRENTLY has pages featuring:
Karaoke, Comedy, Live Music, Live Theater,

Dancing, Billiards/Darts/Foosball, Family Friendly venues,

Under 21 but Over 18 venues, Live Concerts,

Bowling, Art Galleries, Live Sports, Cinema venues

Seasonal Events, Dining Out, and Live Sports

CallMeOzz will work towards hosting more pages in the near future
2.) What are the picture blocks for?
CallMeOzz is a proud promoter of local business in New Mexico.
Because we offer free information on our website, 
we must promote the community in order to keep CallMeOzz alive.
The purpose of the "ad blocks" is for local business to buy space
on CallMeOzz, so interested viewers may find new local business
while they are involved in the entertainment of their community.

Sponsors of CallMeOzz are proudly represented on:
Ad Blocks, Banner Brands, and Enhanced Listings.
3.) Who is Ozz?  Why is Ozz important?
Ozz is regularly known as "Billy" and has been a singer of the
local karaoke community for over a decade now.
Billy began his journey re-representing the old nostalgia Ozzy Osbourne
had on his generation; by dressing up as Ozzy, wearing iconic accessories,
and sang many of Ozzy's most popular songs in local karaoke venues.

Ozz was then asked by popular demand to create a informational
archive of where to find entertainment in Albuquerque.
Because of his experience always knowing where to go to find things
to do, he then began developing CallMeOzz.  He named the website 
"CallMeOzz" because of his history singing as Ozzy Osbourne, and 
being known for making the crowd louder.

Ozz is important to the community because he brings friends and families
together for epic events, raising awareness to local charities, and promoting
the local business that is the people of New Mexico.
Taken by Find A Place To Sing on April 26th, 2018
4.) Okay, I'm starting to understand where CallMeOzz came from...  How does CallMeOzz find events?
From you!  The public.  CallMeOzz features a variety of submission 
forms to send us information on local events happening in Albuquerque!
Of course the team at CallMeOzz are in social circles to find these events,
But the website ultimately obtains it's information from the public.

If you fill out a submission form, our admin; 
Brandon is responsible for updating the website.
Brandon's involvement with CallMeOzz began in 2015,
when Ozz employed him as his technical admin,
and back-end to CallMeOzz.
Brandon is also responsible for any website bugs, 
if you notice something off, 
send an e-mail to "[email protected]",
and Brandon will be able to fix the bug appropriately

CallMeOzz encourages you to submit information, 
so that our website includes as many people and events we can hold!
We can only show information & events as long as people
 are putting the information out there, 
so don't hesitate to let us know about things we may be missing!
5.) Wow, this place is pretty large..  How do I get around better?
CallMeOzz is relatively large for it's amount of pages we feature,
but ultimately, it's up to you to move around the website!
Take your time to get used to the links that circle you throughout the
website, and check out all of the cool things the local community
has contributed to CallMeOzz!

Your information is not being saved by any third party host, 
and any information we receive with your submission forms
are used purely for the validity of information on our website.

CallMeOzz is subject to change any information on any page at
any time.
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