2021 New Mexico State Fair Registration
  • ​It is your responsibility to go to the venue you sign up for, and practice!
  • If you do not try karaoke at that venue prior, you may not sing the song you signed up for
Please enter valid phone number and email address, as that is how we will contact you for important information. (Rule 300-3)
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(You may only register at one venue at a time)-Shutdown of this registration time 38 hours prior to each audition

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NOTE: This does not guarantee the KJ will have your song. Only guarantees you have secured the song from other participants. Please visit this venue prior to your audition night to confirm the KJ will have your song.
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We are partnering with NM Dream Center to help homeless children from being exploited. 
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Would you be available for the Showcase Rounds at the NMSF September 9th - 16th?
    This is a selection of days you may perform at the fair
(Adults) Would you be available for the Top 24 and the Top 12? September 17th, and 18th?

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All falsified submissions are disqualified from moving on to the New Mexico State Fair Karaoke Showcase
  • NOTICE:  If you need to change your song, or change your venue, please look above to submit the appropriate form.
We cannot change your reservation without electronic evidence.
  • To enter the 2021 NM State Fair Karaoke Showcase register here! All boxes are required.  
Registration is now open!  After submission, you will receive a confirmation e-mail of your venue form within 72 hours after submission.  If you do not receive confirmation within that time, please e-mail [email protected] for confirmation.
It would benefit you more to go to this venue on their karaoke night, which is always the same day of the week as the audition, to practice.
If you do not see a future upcoming audition on the list above, that doesn't mean you can't still come!  
Walk-in registrations happen at every event
Submitting a Falsified Form is Fraud